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Wrist pain

Pain at the front of the wrist and hand commonly indicates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, caused by compression of the median nerve, the nerve responsible for supplying blood to the hand, in this location. To do this, the median nerve must pass readily through a slight channel known as the Carpal tunnel. The following can indicate the presence of the syndrome:  a dull ache in the wrist and forearm, pain that diffuses into the thumb and fingers, the forearm, elbow or shoulder, sensations of prickling or burning in the hand, worsening of the pain at night, pain when gripping and a weakened grasp.

Treatment has the goal of widening the carpal tunnel diameter to ease pressure on the median nerve. We may utilise soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations or stretches to achieve this goal long-term, and only in rare scenarios is surgery required.

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