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Spinal disc problems

Your spinal discs are pouches filled with a gel-like fluid, functioning as shock-absorbers for the spine. As you advance in age, the elasticity of these discs gradually decreases, leaving them more susceptible to damage.  Pressure brought about by incorrect posture and eroded back muscles can cause the contents of the disc sacs to seep out between vertebrae and weigh down on the neighbouring nerve. This is agonizingly painful, often resulting in significantly distorted sensation and weakness in the area. When a disc is injured in this way, it can affect the spinal cord itself, requiring urgent medical attention.

Our assessment will target the identification of the level of damage to the disc, the extent of the weakness or tightness of the adjacent muscles alongside any biomechanical factors resulting from impaired muscle gliding over time, such as tangible disparity of leg lengths.

Spinal disc physiotherapy treatment

The goal of treatment will be to preserve the hydration of the spine through joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques, with soft tissue massage to ease the muscles and relieve the strain on the muscle guarding. Stretching exercises are provided at the outset to counter any unwanted compensation the injury may cause, and training ergonomically will reinstate the fullest range movement, encouraging your return to complete functional activity.

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