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Sciatic pain

Sciatic pain, or Sciatica, describes any pain resulting from compression of or irritation to the sciatic nerve. Such pain may be felt as shooting pain along the length of the nerve, ’pins and needles’ tingling, stinging, burning or numbness along the buttock, the backs of the thigh and down the legs. Sometimes there may also be pronounced weakness in parts of the leg and foot, and difficulty controlling the movements of the leg. Commonly present on just one side, the condition is worsened by coughs and sneezes, protracted time spent in one position (be it a sitting or standing stance), following longer-length walks and at night.

In your assessment, we will aim to establish any underlying causes of the pain, which can range from piriformis syndrome to pregnancy, but could include graver problems like fractures and tumours.

Sciatic Pain Treatment

In our treatment of sciatic pain, we seek to develop and maintain mobility via a steady regimen of low-impact exercises, to reduce the stress on the nerve via neural mobilisation methods, and stretches to enhance the blood supply to nourish the nerve tissue. Our massage techniques will ease the muscle, while our joint mobilisation procedures encourage greater movement inside the spine. Treatment is completed with core stability exercises to bolster the muscles in the back and legs.

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