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Kneecap Pain

Pain emitting from behind the kneecap (or patella) is often due to disproportionate rubbing of the kneecap and the bone beneath, namely the lower part of the thigh bone (the femur) and the top part of the lower leg bone (the tibia). You may find pain intensifies when sitting for extended periods of time, kneeling, or walking downstairs, there may be a grating sound upon moving, known as crepitus, or subtle swelling around the patella. Our physiotherapy treatment will establish predisposing biomechanical triggers of the condition, such as poor kneecap alignment, irregular muscle imbalances causing undue tightness and compression of the patella within the knee joint, and abnormalities of the foot, such as flat feet or overpronation.

Knee pain treatments

To get to the core of the problem, our treatment aims to identify and counter the fundamental biomechanical irregularities, including, for example, possible back and pelvic conditions that contribute to overpronation of the feet and poor patterns of movement; abnormalities enhancing the stress placed on the inner (medial) part of the knee. We will employ extensive manual therapy, incorporating acupuncture to assist with pain management, massage to relax the muscles and mobilisations to reduce stiffness in the joints and restore your range of movement. We will also include plenty of rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the knee as you recover, which will be demonstrated in clinic and practiced at home.

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