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Perfect Your Posture to Boost Back Health

Developing over time, many factors contribute to poor posture, from everyday habits to work-centric routines, such as your work-station set-up, the way in which you hold the phone, carrying your bag over the same shoulder or holding the same position on long drives.

These actions will cultivate detrimental posture as second nature, back, neck, shoulder, hip wrist and forearm pain together with foot overpronation, knee troubles and Repetitive Strain Injury. Despite this list of concerning complaints, the significant factors affecting your posture can be swiftly altered as soon as they are recognised with a skilful diagnosis by the Arleth Health team.

The following measures can be taken to develop a better posture in the workplace:

Get in Line – Keep the body correctly aligned when seated. This means that your ears, shoulders and hips are in vertical alignment when you are in the seating position. Sitting in one position is not without its pressures on the body as the muscles grow fatigued; it is important to alternate your position in any way you can throughout the day. A simple change from sitting eased against the back of the office chair to sitting straight-backed and towards the edge of your seat (suspense not necessary!), can be all that is needed to set your posture on the right track and minimise the risk of injury.

Recognise that lopsided postures, such as crossed-legs, sitting or standing with your weight over one side, hunching a shoulder or tilting the head all have the potential to considerably exacerbate back pain.

Move it! Even when positioned correctly, muscles will tire over the course of a day, a chief cause of slumping and slouching. For the best odds of maintaining a supportive posture, you need to change position as often as possible. If you no longer feel the benefit of more subtle posture adjustments described above, aim to take a break from your habitual working posture every half an hour or so by getting up and going for a short walk. Just a minute of standing, stretching or walking will ease the muscles and help reset your body posture as the day goes on.

Props to you – Consider making use of posture-enhancing props. The latest ergonomic props can restore balance to a strained spine. We can advise you on the specific ergonomically-designed office chair for your needs, be it one with variable levels of back support, arm height, seat cushioning, wrist or footrests, to optimise your posture every day.

To get your posture on the straight and narrow, call the friendly Arleth House team today.

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