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So much of today’s health is focused on treatment rather than prevention. At Arleth Health we believe promoting positive health is really undervalued, and through our ‘Health & Fitness at Home’ programme we want to change this.

To make a simple comparison, you wouldn’t run a car without regularly servicing it, getting an MOT or checking oil and water levels, so why do you treat your body any differently? How much more important is your health than your car?

Our aim is to encourage good habits to help people live better and longer, and prevent ill health. The Health & Fitness at Home programme is particularly aimed The Health & Fitness at Home programme is particularly aimed at people with a busy life style, personal or medical  circumstances who  cannot attend a clinic or gym and require a personal assistant at home to provide motivation and encouragement to undertake a daily exercise routine.

It is a programme of customised exercise routines carried out in your home with a qualified Arleth Health instructor. Taking you through a range of exercises, you will over time feel more flexible, have more energy, and many clients actually tell us that they feel younger.

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