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Have you suffered from long-term back, neck or shoulder pain so long you’ve learnt to put up with it? Perhaps you are so used to duller pain that you only notice it when it worsens. If either of these issues ring true, studies show you are in good company.

According to latest research, the nation’s foremost cause of absence from work takes the form of musculoskeletal problems, amounting to 30 million workdays lost in just a single year. Accounting for 20% of absences from work, musuloskeletal conditions have the distinction of the highest work-absence percentage of any medical condition. But what exactly is it?

Musculoskeletal problems refers to anything causing pain or irritation to the muscles (‘musculo), tendons, ligaments or bones (‘skeletal’), its causes many and varied. It’s easier than you might think to cause lasting damage to the muscle tissue with the daily grind of normal activities. Trauma, such as an impact, fall, jerk, push, fractures, sprains or dislocations, can result in musculoskeletal pain also. Further yet, changes to your posture, the performance of regular, repetitive movements, protracted immobilisation and simple overuse all work to bring about musculoskeletal pain incrementally, over time. Faults with either posture or your individual biomechanics can even trigger muscle-shortening and spinal alignment problems – with the result that other muscles remain unused and suffer wastage.

Symptoms vary with the area, extent and severity of the condition, but people often complain that their entire bodies ache much of the time. Limbs may feel pulled, stretched or otherwise overburdened, and can twitch or burn of their own accord. Musculoskeletal conditions tend to escalate with the passing of time, so if you experience even minor symptoms, such as dull aches, fatigue or sleep disturbances, it could be time to get in touch.

At Arleth Health, our friendly team are trained in a variety of innovative treatment techniques to meet the daily challenges of longer-term pain sufferers. From soft tissue massage to ease the affected area, to acupuncture to diminish your pain, we are confident you will be delighted with the improvements you see in your condition. It is also worth noting that we specialize in the back and neck problems office workers are increasingly dogged by, so however trifling or overwhelming your symptoms, we are sure to help you master them.

For an assessment of your current condition, including any underlying causes, contributory factors and of course, our plans to tackle them, get in touch today, and kiss chronic pain goodbye.

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