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Waking up to stiff neck is hardly a unique occurrence, we’ve all experienced the rigid, stubborn tightness from a poor sleeping position that often refuses to leave us, several hours later. Although a common grievance, this by no means be taken as a sign of triviality; poor sleeping posture can trigger neck, back and shoulder pain and aggravate existing ailments, such as sleep apnea and acid reflux, to rapidly worsen. Ignoring symptoms on the grounds of perceived insignificance is a bad move. Without realising, a condition may be left untreated for weeks, months or years while fundamental damage steadily occurs, while growing accustomed to pain of any variety, essentially a warning message to the brain that the body is at risk, is redundant without a professional diagnosis.

Moreover, ignoring the pain removes a key prompt to seek treatment. Sidestepping treatment almost always ensures the pain intensifies while its root cause transitions into a more serious condition. When the underlying source of discomfort is established early, treatment can resolve the problem in mere weeks instead of the ongoing months the same process will take when matters are not quickly addressed. Late-stage treatment with advanced pain can involve a relentless cycle of painkillers deleterious to the gut, extensive ongoing physiotherapy and even surgical intervention – but early treatment can be as straight-forward as a program of chiropractic sessions and preventative advice, going forward.

Until you’ve had an expert opinion to rule out problems with the joints, nerves and muscles, don’t let sleeping dogs lie – call Arleth Health today for the sleeping posture of your dreams.

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