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Acupuncture Aware. Back Pain: Beware!

Acupuncture Awareness Week falls on the 2nd to the 8th of March this year, and it couldn’t be more timely. With the revelatory findings of a study by the British Acupuncture Council indicating that close to 80% of the British population suffer with back pain, with the same percentage acknowledging regular engagement in activities deleterious to back health. These detrimental actions are sly in their effects, tending to take the form of insignificant, even inevitable everyday postures: sitting in one position all day, slouching, eating from your lap rather than at table-height or watching television whilst reclined or in bed. The disparity between this workaday behaviour and the excruciating, even debilitating experience of persistent back pain they bring about leads many to disregard the proven link between the two, choosing to continue in these ‘relaxing’ routines, steadily making a bad thing worse.

The figures on pain management were no less startling. 74% of those surveyed choose painkillers as their sole method of addressing the problem, with no further investigation as to its fundamental cause. Rhiannon Griffiths, a qualified British Acupuncture Council member, has said of the findings, “Painkillers often numb the end symptom of the problem but do not address many of the combined underlying causes of back pain. By stimulating different parts of the body, traditional acupuncture can be extremely beneficial for back pain, providing long-term pain relief and reducing inflammation.”

This is excellent news for sufferers of chronic back pain, a solution to both ease current and prevent recurrent nuisance symptoms, yet the numbers show 41% of those afflicted would contemplate acupuncture only as a last-ditch effort. Here at Arleth Health, we see the superb results our acupuncture therapy has first-hand, and it is our hope that Acupuncture Awareness Week reaches more of sufferers who need it most.

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